ICQ Engineering Services

As you might gather from our name, one of ICQ’s primary areas of specialization is the start-up and commissioning of new facilities, utilities, process equipment and processes. We also get involved with decommissioning activities, as well as a wide variety of ongoing programs. In fact, we’re ready and able to help Engineering_blueprintwith a full range of expert engineering services. We can plan, orchestrate and manage the entire project—equipment, facilities  and utilities—or a single element, depending on your requirements.

We recognize the pressure to get a product to market, as well as the need to fully and thoroughly meet regulatory directives. From planning through documentation through testing and start-up, we can help you keep your project on schedule, on budget—and in compliance—while making sure your facility is up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Engineering Services

  • Commissioning activities (IV, OV, IQ, OQ)
  • Engineering change management
  • Cycle development (CIP)
  • Cycle development (SIP)
  • Engineering test plans
  • Start-up and turn-over
  • Shake down activities
  • Project execution